Bloomington MN Towing Company

Stranded away from home due to a vehicle issue?

There should be a tow truck and an operator not too far away.

Let them help.

What Do You Need Done?

  • All-hours towing throughout South Hennepin
  • Fuel delivery – deliver some gas when you’re on empty
  • Auto locksmith service – open a locked car
  • Jumpstart your car – jump your battery and get it going
  • Flat tire replace – if you have a good spare tire

Motorist Services

If you drive around the city very much, you’ve probably come across one of these local trucks assisting another motorist at the side of the road.

A towing service is in the business of serving local motorists who have encountered a difficulty.

And they try to provide their service in a nice way too.

Many people get a car crisis every so often.

When you have one, it’s simple to set up a solution.

When You Need a Little Help On The Highway – Just Call

On the way to the driver's favorite mechanic

Not being able to start or drive your vehicle is frustrating. We know. You need someone who can give a little help.

We know the bad situation a car problem can place you in.

Your tow operator will get to you as fast as he can.

Your Twin Cities tow operator will probably be well-mannered and have lots of experience with diverse situations.

Their truck is current and kept pretty clean and uncluttered.

There are regulations that Minnesota tow companies must follow.

All community tow drivers learn and conform to all local rules.

If your driver can do it, they will solve your problem on the spot.

They may open a locked car, change a flat tire, bring some gasoline for someone who ran out of gas, or start a weak battery.

But in most situations, they will need to transport the car somewhere to be fixed.

Emergency Towing Service in Bloomington

If you’re waiting in a parking lot or alongside a road somewhere because you have a mechanical issue, someone will carefully transport your car where it can be mended.

Neighborhood tow drivers will deal with your car like it’s their own car.

They will load it up, haul it and drop it off as cautiously as they can.

Jump Start a Dead Battery Near Bloomington

Car won’t start up? Dim or no lights. Think your battery is dead?

Assuming that your tow driver can get access to your battery, he can clamp his fully charged battery up to it and jumpstart your car back to normal.

Then, as you drive your car away, your drained battery will get recharged.

There will be instances when the difficulty is actually not the battery.

In these circumstances, jumpstarting the battery won’t help.

Your driver will have to pick the vehicle up and move it to a good mechanic for additional diagnosing.

Out of Gasoline

Our autos have a big fuel gauge right on the dash panel, but a few of us still happen to run out of fuel. Things happen.

That is a hassle-free situation to eliminate.

Your driver will pour in a gallon or so of gas from the extra supply he always has on his truck.

And you then have plenty to make it to a service station.

Emergency Flat Tire Repairs

A flat tire can happen so quickly.

If your leak is minor enough, you might be in a position to put some air in it and go on your way to have it fixed at a tire store.

Or you could possibly get the bad tire off and put your spare tire on.

Some vehicles don’t have a practical spare, or the automobile is too close to the interstate at rush hour, so you might have to tow it to a favorite tire retailer to be patched or changed out there.

Car Unlocking

If you are locked out of your auto, a car locksmith can get you back in.

A vehicle lock out service will usually get one of your doors open and allow you on your way again.

Auto unlocking requires some skill and a special device or two, but it frequently works.

Not an Emergency Issue – Let’s Schedule a Tow for Later

If you have an additional vehicle that isn’t running right, you could schedule a day and time to have someone take it to whatever repair shop or auto technician you like.

Maybe you have someone’s vehicle sitting at your place. It’s not yours and it should not be there.

Not sure what to do about it?

Call a tow service and talk about your choices.

Your Towing Company Near Bloomington

When you are met at your vehicle, your tow driver will work to either put you back on the highway or take your car to a good place where it will get fixed.

If a engine or mechanical problem is hindering your car from being driven, you can take it to the auto mechanic or repair shop you like.

If you’re not sure where you want to take it, your driver might have some suggestions.

An automobile dented or damaged during an accident will normally have to be towed too.

Insurance company adjusters will often give you a short list of endorsed repair companies.

If you don’t know which body repair shop to take your vehicle to, your operator will be able to offer a recommendation.

I Don’t Have Any Cash

No problem. Tow service drivers can process most credit cards.

There is quickly understood low-cost prices. You can receive the exact details over the phone.

Dispatch a Tow Driver to Your Location

Once you call, your name is placed in line to be assisted.

Almost all trucks are working at other Twin Cities locations right now, but one will be dispatched to your location as soon as it can.

If you’re locked out of your car or not able to get your car started, your driver realizes how you would like to get the situation remedied fast.

He will do whatever he can to meet you quickly.

Could You Receive Assistance in the Twin Cities?

If your car or truck is in Minneapolis, someone will be able to assist you.

Helping out drivers in locations such as West Bloomington, and the 55431, 55437, 55438 and 55420 zips.


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