East Bank and Dinkytown Towing Service

Car issues? Need a tow?

There’s a tow truck, most likely not far away too. You just have to call.

Do You Want One of these Services?

  • 24/7 towing near Stadium Village
  • Flat tire repairs
  • Dead auto battery jumpstarts
  • Vehicle lockouts
  • Out-of-gas deliveries

Call Someone You Can Rely On

It may be you’ve seen or gone past one of the local trucks out on the interstate already.

Get connected to one of the friendliest tow companies in the city.

Maybe you won’t need to contact a local towing company, but when you do need to, it’s not hard to get it scheduled.

Why Call a Pro

Engine troubles during the way to work

Having a problem with your vehicle can turn a good day awful quickly.

After the local dispatcher speaks to you, they’ll route the next available driver to where you are.

It’s important to keep tow trucks clean and safe. The operators are usually courteous and have learned how to place your vehicle back on the road or transported to a local mechanic.

Your tow driver observes all such Minnesota safety rules and laws.

The driver will provide a tow, jumpstart your dead battery, open up your locked auto, provide some gasoline, replace a tire, whatever it takes.

Affordable Towing Service near Dinkytown

When your car isn’t fit to drive, your tow company will pick it up and move it to wherever you want to have fix it.

You probably like your car or truck. Your tow driver knows that. He will take care of your vehicle carefully when he picks it up and leaves it off at your desired destination.

I Have a Dead Battery Near Prospect Park

Can’t get your car started? Not making any noise at all as you attempt to start it?

As long as your tow driver can get into the car or truck and get the hood open, he will try to jump start it and get it running. The weak battery will get recharged as you drive.

In the event a car or truck still will not start while getting jumped, then the true trouble probably is somewhere else in the starting system. In a situation like this, your driver will move the car to a car repair shop that you choose.

My Car is Out of Gas Near East Bank or Stadium Village

Running out of gas is an easily avoidable predicament, but it still happens to some of us once in a great while.

If you don’t know someone who will deliver a container of gas, a towing service always carries some on their truck. They’ll deliver it to you.

Flat Tire Repairs

If you have a flat tire, in many cases, you might possibly switch the bad tire with your spare tire. Or somebody could possibly inflate it just enough for you to drive it to a mechanic and get it fixed there.

At times, however, such as when a bad tire occurs on a hectic highway during rush hour, or the driver doesn’t have a spare tire, a towing service will load the auto up and haul it to a tire shop to get swapped or patched.

Car Unlocking Service East of Downtown Minneapolis

It’s a depressing feeling when you realize you locked your keys in your car.

A skilled tow driver can usually get into many types of vehicles. Drivers are trained how to do this with the specialized tools they carry in their truck.

Make a Plan For a Tow Later On

If you have a truck or car that isn’t running well, you can have it delivered to whichever mechanic or shop you want. You can just set up a day and time to get that done.

If for whatever reason there is a car on your property that should not be there, a tow service can talk with you regarding your choices.

Affordable Towing In East Bank and Prospect Park

The mission of a tow service is to either bring your car where it needs to be in order to be fixed, or to do what is needed to put you back on the road very quickly.

If you are looking at a mechanical problem where you cannot drive your car on the road, but you don’t have any preferred mechanic or shop, your driver can offer one or two options for you to think about.

If you received physical damage from an accident, it is possible you have already talked with an insurance adjuster who has told you where to get your vehicle towed to.

But when you need ideas for where you should take your car after an accident, your truck operator can provide a suggestion or two. It’s up to you though, your driver will take it to wherever you choose.

Too Little Cash in Your Wallet?

Towing drivers take credit cards. That’s how most people pay.

There’s easy to understand pricing too.

The Quickest Tow East of Downtown Minneapolis

Most, if not all, service trucks are usually driving around responding to other car owners when you call. The dispatcher takes your name and location and routes the next available vehicle to go to your spot as fast as possible.

If you can’t just sit in your car and go, your driver realizes you just want to have that situation fixed. He will attempt to make it to you as quickly as possible.

A Service Vehicle In Your Area?

Motorists are getting assisted throughout the Twin Cities.

You may observe service trucks operating in downtown communities such as Dinkytown, Prospect Park, Stadium Village, East Bank, U of M, TCF Bank Stadium, St Anthony East, St Anthony West and the 55414, 55455 and 55413 zip codes.


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