Eden Prairie Towing Service

Need a little help with a car problem?

You might need a tow truck.

There might be one in your neighborhood already.

What a Tow Operator Can Do For MN Drivers

  • Round-the-clock towing near Chanhassen
  • Deliver some gas when your tank gets empty
  • Jump start your car when your battery is dead
  • Unlock your vehicle when the keys are inside
  • Install your spare tire when you have a flat

Call Someone You Can Rely On

You may have spotted these trucks on the interstate before.

Look for a big city business that behaves like a small-town business.

Friendly and reasonably priced.

If you’re having a vehicle issue, someone can help you out.

Ready For Your Call

Getting a ride to the local mechanic

Getting a problem with your car or truck can change a good day to bad quickly.

After you call a local tow company dispatcher, they are going to inform the next available driver in your town to get over to your location.

You will see that the tow trucks are big and noisy, but they’re clean and up-to-date too.

The operators always work safely and carefully with your auto.

There are state regulations and rules concerning how a tow truck driver performs their job.

Your driver will follow all these guidelines.

Some ailments may be resolved on the spot – deliver a little gas, replace a flat tire, jumpstart a battery or unlock a locked car – but other problems will call for the car to be taken to a repair shop to get corrected.

Local Towing near Eden Prairie

If you’re taking up space in a parking area or alongside a road somewhere because your car has a mechanical difficulty, someone will cautiously take your car where it can be fixed.

Each local driver is trained properly.

They are going to take care of your car.

They’ll work on your vehicle as safely and as cautiously as they can.

Dead Car Battery Jump Start

If nothing happens when you press the start button or turn the key, if there’s no sound at all, most likely you have a dead battery.

Generally, your operator will hook up a charged battery to yours and the vehicle should start right up.

Then once your motor is running, the motor will recharge your weak battery up as you drive around.

Unfortunately, if your auto still will not start when he has the extra battery connected to it, then the issue is somewhere else.

In that case, he will then pick up and bring your vehicle to a mechanic or garage who will identify and repair the actual problem.

Need Some Gas?

Keeping sufficient gas in our tank shouldn’t be that difficult, but we get busy and things like that happen.

Of course, it is the quickest problem to solve.

Your driver always has spare gas on his truck.

He will give you enough to get to the gas station and fill up.

I Have a Flat Tire Near Chanhassen

It seems like everyone gets a flat tire once.

Frequently, you just take off the bad one and put your spare tire on and get you back on your way.

If your driver concludes that swapping the flat tire isn’t a sound option, he will then pick up and tow the auto to your local tire shop.

There it will get taken off and replaced or repaired.

Locked Out of Your Car

It’s a bad feeling as you realize you just locked your keys in the car.

A professional tow driver or a car locksmith may often get into a locked vehicle.

It calls for a specific instrument and some know-how or even luck, but it can happen.

Want to Set Up a Tow for Later?

Have you got a car in your garage or driveway you want to have taken somewhere, but it won’t go on its own?

You can schedule a date and time to have someone come out and do that.

Is there another person’s vehicle sitting on your property?

Need it taken care of but don’t know how to get it done?

Consult a towing service.

Affordable and Fast Towing In Eden Prairie

A reliable tow service will have your vehicle back again on the road, or carry it to the auto repair shop or auto mechanic you choose to fix it.

A lot of people haven’t had their car or truck at a mechanic in recent years, so they may not know where to take their car to get worked on.

In those cases, you can ask your driver for a few suggestions.

If you’ve been involved in an accident, and your vehicle has been harmed enough so you can’t drive it, the insurance company which will be paying for the repairs will often want you to take the car to one of a few specific repair places.

If an insurance adjuster hasn’t instructed you where to take your car yet, your driver can suggest two or three body shops which he knows do good work.

Do Not Have Cash?

Nearly all vehicle owners pay with their credit card. No problem.

You can find the specific costs right on the phone.

Get To You As Fast As Possible

Most, if not all, trucks are already out handling other motorists when you call.

The dispatcher takes your name and location and gets the next available vehicle to head to your spot at the earliest opportunity.

Your driver wants to get to you as fast as he can because he realizes being stuck sitting in a parking area or by the side of a highway is nobody’s idea of fun.

Can a Tow Service Make it To Your Area?

Operators get out to a large part of the west Twin Cities.

Individuals are commonly served often in western Minneapolis, Chanhassen and the 55347, 55344, 55346 and 55317 zip codes.


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Call if your car is in Chanhassen, Eden Prairie, western Minneapolis, or the 55347, 55344, 55346 or 55317 zips.

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