Linden Hills and South Minneapolis Towing Company

Auto won’t go anywhere? Need some help?

One of the city’s best-known tow trucks and its driver are likely not very far away.

Common Services

  • 24/7 towing around Tangletown
  • Jump starting a dead battery
  • Car unlocking when you lock your keys in the car
  • Flat tire fixing
  • Gasoline delivery when you run out

A Little Regarding Your Local Tow Service

It is possible you may have seen one of these trucks out on the highway helping out some other motorist.

Find the most helpful tow company right here around the Twin Cities.

If you’re having a bad day, and you need the assistance of a tow truck, there’s someone who is prepared to lend a hand.

Choose a Nearby Tow Operator

Heading for service

We all know that unpleasant sensation of the inability to simply get in our car and go where we want to go.

We know it’s a big waste of time when you’re stuck in a parking lot or somewhere else with a disabled vehicle. You tow operator will try to arrive at your car’s location fast.

You will notice that the tow trucks are generally significant and noisy, but they’re clean and up-to-date too. The operators always operate safely and carefully with your car.

There are published safety and procedure rules that Hennepin County tow companies are supposed to abide by. Experienced community tow operators fully understand and observe these guidelines.

The operator will give you a tow, jumpstart your dead battery, open up your locked auto, provide some gas, replace a tire, whatever it takes.

Affordable Towing Service in Southwest Minneapolis

If your vehicle isn’t working right, or you’ve been in a small accident, someone can come to your location and take your car someplace where it will get repaired.

Your tow driver will handle your vehicle like it’s his own. He will secure, haul and drop off your vehicle carefully and correctly.

Linden Hills Area Dead Car Battery Jump Start

If you’re attempting to start your car or truck and it isn’t creating a sound at all, you could have a dead battery. If your battery is so dead that you can’t even open the door to get in, then your problem is a little bigger.

Your towing service will hook up a strong battery to your empty one and then your vehicle should start right away.

Sometimes the actual problem is a different part of the starter, and jumpstarting the weak battery won’t help. When that occurs, your responding driver has to haul you and the vehicle to a local mechanic or garage to have it looked at and fixed.

Need Some Gas?

It really shouldn’t happen, but it does. We get busy and neglect the gas gauge and we run out of gas. It happens.

Running out of gasoline is usually the simplest issue to solve. Your tow operator has additional fuel on his truck. He will provide you with enough so you can get to a service station.

Got a Flat Tire?

If your vehicle has a good spare tire, and your car is in a safe spot, you may be in a position to simply jack your car up and replace your bad tire with your spare.

In other cases, such as when the spare tire isn’t suitable, you might need to take the car to a local tire retailer and have the tire patched or exchanged.

Vehicle Unlock Service

Have you unconsciously locked your keys in your car? Don’t have access to your second set?

There’s a few different ways to get into a locked car. With some knowledge, the right instrument and some luck, many tow operators and car locksmiths can open up a locked vehicle door.

Schedule a Tow for Another Day

Got a car in your driveway that will not run right? Need to have it moved somewhere to get fixed? You could plan a time to get it done.

If there is someone’s vehicle sitting on your property. It’s not yours and it shouldn’t be there. Don’t know what you can do about it? Call and look at your options.

Your Towing Service In Linden Hills and Lynnhurst

You can have a tow company collect and transport your vehicle to a great mechanic or body shop to get fixed. Or maybe the tow operator can correct your trouble at the side of the road and you’ll be on your way again.

In case your car can’t be taken on the road because of a mechanical issue, you can haul it to any repair center or auto mechanic you like. And if you don’t know of a good nearby repair shop, your driver may have a good suggestion or two.

In case your vehicle has physical damage to it, an insurance company representative may give you some instructions regarding where they want you to drop it off.

If you have not been told where you should take your vehicle yet, your driver has done this many times before, he could have a suggestion or two.

Not Enough Cash in Your Wallet?

Local tow operators will take credit cards.

You’ll find clear, upfront prices. Get great support at a low cost.

The Quickest Tow Around Town

As soon as you call, your name and location is put in line to get assisted. Most trucks are probably at other Hennepin locations when you call, but will be sent to your location as soon as it can.

Your vehicle driver can get to your location as fast as he can. If you are locked out or caught in a parking lot or at the side of a highway, everybody understands your state.

A Service Vehicle In Your Neighborhood?

Drivers get assigned out all around the Twin Cities.

A few of the locations motorists are helped in include Linden Hills, Tangletown, Lynnhurst, and the 55410, 55424, 55416, 55408, 55409 and 55419 zip codes in Southwest Minneapolis.


Fast Service Area

Regularly helping out motorists in these areas: Linden Hills, Lynnhurst, Tangletown, and 55410, 55424, 55416, 55408, 55409 and 55419 zips.

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