Minneapolis Towing Company

Are you stuck in your car someplace?

A truck and a driver are not that far from you. Probably they can help.

Here’s the Services Tow Operators Do:

  • 24-hour towing in Minneapolis and Bloomington
  • Deliver some gas when your tank gets empty
  • Jumpstart your vehicle when the battery is dead
  • Unlock your vehicle when the keys are inside
  • Put on your spare tire when you have a flat tire

Emergency Roadside Services for Motorists

You could have already noticed the trucks around the city assisting other motorists with their vehicle problems.

Find the friendly neighborhood tow company that helps motorists around our city.

In case you are having problems with your car right now, a local tow service will do what they can to get to you as fast as possible.

Getting a Tow to You Fast – Downtown to Maple Grove

Most of us have felt that sensation of not being able to get in your car and take off.

After your local dispatcher speaks with you, they will send the next available truck and operator to wherever you need it.

Your tow driver is at the wheel of a clean, modern and reliable truck.

Each driver understands how to attach your vehicle so there is no scratching or damage.

Municipal tow operators follow all the Minnesota and municipal polices regarding how a truck driver should perform their job.

Your tow driver can handle pretty much any of the common problems you might be experiencing with your vehicle – flat tire, dead battery, out of gas, keys locked inside, or any other issue that is keeping your vehicle from going.

After Hours Towing Near Downtown Minneapolis

If an accident or mechanical problem has your vehicle sitting in some parking area or on the side of a road or highway someplace, there is someone who can drive over to meet you and either get your car moving again or take it to where you want it to go.

Community tow operators know how much you like your car or truck.

They will conduct each portion of the operation carefully so your car or truck isn’t scratched or damaged.

24 Hour Battery Jump Start Near Bloomington MN

If your car or truck won’t generate a sound as you attempt to start it up, the cause is often a dead battery.

If your battery is totally dead, you might even have trouble getting the door to unlock.

Your towing service will connect a strong battery to your dead one and your vehicle should start right away.

If the auto won’t start up even while your driver is trying to jump start it, then, unfortunately, the problem is probably not with the battery.

He will then have to haul the vehicle to be tested and repaired at whatever auto mechanic you prefer.

Gas Tank on E

It’s not actually too out of the ordinary to run out of fuel.

Though it may be all too easy to prevent – it happens.

If you cannot find a friend who can drive out quickly and bring you some gasoline, a tow service will help you with that.

These drivers will have supplemental gasoline cans on board their trucks.

One of My Tires is Flat

If you have a flat tire, in some cases, you might be able to replace the bad tire with your spare tire.

Or somebody might inflate it just enough for you to make it to a garage and get it repaired there.

In certain situations, you won’t be able to put on your spare tire, so you will have to tow your car to a repair shop or tire retailer of your choosing.

Vehicle Unlocking Near Edina or Plymouth

Quite a few of us have locked our keys in the car at one time or another.

Sometimes they are left in the ignition, other times on the seat or they can even be left in the trunk while we’re putting something into it or taking something out.

Tow operators and car locksmiths can get into a large number of locked vehicles.

With the proper experience, the proper instrument and a little luck, they’re able to pop open most locked doors.

Don’t Need an Emergency Tow – Want to Arrange One for Later?

If you have a car that needs body or mechanical work before it can be driven, you should plan a future day and time for a truck to come over and pick it up.

They will move it to any shop or repair center you like.

If you’ve got a car or truck sitting on your property that isn’t yours, there are several limits about what you can do.

Why not understand your alternatives?

Who Provides a Full Line of Towing Services?

In some situations, your driver can get you back in your vehicle and on the road quickly, but, in lots of other cases, he will need to load your vehicle up and haul it to your preferred repair center.

It’s typical for a motorist not to know the best place to bring their car for mechanical or engine repairs.

If that is your circumstance as well, the operator of your tow truck can recommend one or two good and affordable repair garages.

If you were in an accident and you need the car delivered to a body shop, some insurance adviser might have already proposed where you should drop it off.

But when you are not positive where you should get the car hauled to, your driver will know of the most popular repair shops.

Too Little Cash to Pay for a Tow?

Tow trucks started taking credit cards years back. Today, most customers pay with a card.

Costs are known largely all ahead of time with the exception of the number of miles you want to get towed.

Fastest Service in Town

In most cases, each truck is out working with some other Twin Cities driver’s auto issue.

But when you call, you will get allocated the next available truck to your location.

Your vehicle operator will do what he can to reduce your waiting time.

He realizes sitting and waiting for a towing service isn’t enjoyable.

Are There Drivers Working Where You Are Now?

There are a lot of emergency towing assignments being handled right now.

A few of the locations motorists are helped in include Dinkytown, Uptown, Lake Calhoun, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Maple Grove, Anoka, Wayzata, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, St Louis Park, Richfield, Edina, Shakopee, Bloomington, Burnsville and Apple Valley.

Call for Assistance Here:

  • Dinkytown and Uptown
  • Lake Calhoun
  • Brooklyn Center
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Maple Grove
  • Anoka
  • Wayzata
  • Plymouth
  • Eden Prairie
  • Minnetonka
  • Edina
  • St Louis Park
  • Richfield
  • Shakopee
  • Bloomington
  • Burnsville
  • Apple Grove

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