Minnetonka Towing Service

Is your day getting spoiled by a car problem?

There could be a tow truck and an experienced driver not very far away.

Let them help.

Services Offered Around Minneapolis:

  • 24 hour towing in Hopkins
  • Jump starting a dead battery
  • Vehicle unlocking when you lock your keys in the car
  • Flat tire changing
  • Gas delivery when you run out of gas

Call for a Fast Tow

Maybe you have gone past these local trucks on the highway before.

Choose the most helpful towing company right here in the Twin Cities.

If you get a car issue, there’s a truck and a driver that can help you out.

When Your Car Needs Roadside Vehicle Support

Getting a ride to an MN mechanic

In case you are in a position where you either can’t get in your car or truck or you can’t make it go, we all understand how inconvenient that is.

Right after the tow company dispatcher talks with you, he or she will send their next available truck and operator to your location.

It’s important to keep the trucks pretty clean and up-to-date.

The drivers are usually respectful and understand how to place your car back on the road or get transported to a local mechanic.

Twin Cities tow services are instructed to stick to state and city guidelines and laws.

Knowledgeable tow drivers learn and follow all such rules.

Your driver will be able to handle whatever trouble your car has – dead battery, flat tire, keys locked inside it or it’s just not running right.

He will tow you where you need to take your car or get you going in your own car.

Emergency Tow Service near Minnetonka

If your vehicle isn’t safe enough to drive, get someone to pick it up and carry it to whatever body shop or repair shop you like.

Professional tow services make certain their drivers are careful and considerate.

They’ll look after your vehicle with care so it doesn’t get damaged in any way.

My Car in Hopkins Has a Dead Battery

Car not starting up? No lights come on or are really dim?

Possibly a dead battery.

If you’re able to connect a working battery to yours, your vehicle will usually start.

Then as you drive it around, the battery will get charged up.

In some cases the actual problem with the car is a different element of the starting system.

Jumpstarting the battery will not correct that.

If this happens, your driver can move you to the auto mechanic or repair center that you prefer.

Gas Tank on Empty

Keeping enough gas in our fuel tank isn’t really a difficult job, but it’s simple enough to run out of gasoline when you’re busy and distracted.

Your tow driver has extra gas on his truck, so he will merely pour some in your tank and you can drive off to the nearby gas station.

I’ve Got a Flat Tire near Minnetonka

If your car has a good, inflated spare tire, and your vehicle is in a safe area, you may be in a position to just jack your car up and substitute your bad tire with your spare.

In some situations, you won’t be able to use the spare tire, so you will have to tow your car to the repair shop or tire retailer of your choosing.

Locked Out – Car Unlocking

Are you locked out of your vehicle?

Not able to get your hands on your duplicate set easily?

There are a couple ways to get into a locked automobile.

With some experience, the proper tool and some luck, many tow drivers and car locksmiths can unlock a locked vehicle door.

Set Up a Tow For a Future Day

Is there a vehicle in your driveway or garage you want to take someplace, but it won’t make it on its own?

You could schedule a time to have someone come out and do that.

If for whatever reason there is a auto or truck on your property that should not be there, a tow company could speak with you about your choices.

Towing Company Near Hopkins

You can have someone collect and take your car to a great mechanic or repair shop to be fixed.

Or maybe the tow operator can correct your condition right where you are and you’ll be on your way.

Most people don’t experience engine or mechanical car troubles very often, so when they actually have one, they don’t know which mechanic to take their car to.

If this sounds like you, your tow operator could recommend a few of the most popular repair garages in town.

If you need a tow because you were in an accident, you may not know where you should bring your car.

If you have not been directed concerning which repair shop to take you vehicle to, you can just bring it to any body repair shop you like.

Your truck operator will offer a recommendation if you’d like some advice.

No Cash?

Tow companies do not require cash.

Most car owners pay with their credit card.

Costs are relatively easy and established upfront.

Simply inquire when you call if you want.

The Earlier You Call – The Earlier You Get Serviced

As you could guess, almost all tow drivers are usually on the highways across Minneapolis fixing another motorist’s vehicle.

After you call, you are placed in line to be the next car served.

Your driver will do his best to reduce your waiting time.

He knows waiting for a towing service is not any fun.

Are You At a Spot That is Quickly Serviced?

If your vehicle is somewhere in the west Twin Cities, a tow professional should be able to help you out.

You can find service vehicles doing work in neighborhoods such as Hopkins, Ridgedale Center and the 55345, 55343 and 55305 zip codes.


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If your car is sitting in the Minnetonka, Hopkins, Ridgedale Center or 55345, 55343 or 55305 zips – call.

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