Near North Minneapolis Towing Service

Need a little help with your car?

There should be a tow truck with a trained operator not far away. They can help.

Get Help With these Problems:

  • Need a tow near Jordan or Hawthorne? Just Call.
  • Dead battery? Get your vehicle started.
  • Out of gas? Some is on the way.
  • Have a flat tire? Get it replaced or get hauled somewhere.
  • Keys locked in your vehicle? Get it opened.

A Towing Company Near You

Maybe you have seen the trucks out on the highway before.

Look for a helpful company whose business mission is to get drivers back on the road.

If you can’t get your car going, just call someone. They’ll do their best to get to your car fast.

You Can Call a Pro

Auto troubles

We understand how troublesome it is to not being able to get in your car or truck and go.

As soon as you call a tow service, the next available tow operator in your location will be heading towards you. There is no guarantee how quickly he will get there, but he will do his best.

Tow truck drivers operate neat and sophisticated trucks. And they’re outfitted with all the tools they might need. Once they get to your spot, the operator places the safety of you and your auto over all else.

In our part of Minnesota, there are state and local regulations tow operators are required to comply with.

Your driver will be able to tackle whatever trouble your vehicle has – dead battery, flat tire, keys locked in it or it’s just not running right. He will tow you where you need to be or simply get you going in your own car if it is something he can fix on the spot.

After Hours Towing Around Near North Minneapolis

If you are not able to operate your vehicle as a result of an accident or mechanical trouble, somebody can take it to the best mechanic or body shop to have it fixed.

Your tow driver will treat your car or truck like it’s his own. He will winch, move and drop off your car carefully and safely.

24 Hour Battery Jump Start in Near North Minneapolis

If nothing at all happens when you push the start button or turn the key, if there’s simply no sound in the least, you may have a dead battery under the hood.

In most cases, if your operator links a strong battery to your weak battery, your car will start immediately. Then, as it’s running, the motor will charge your battery again as you are driving.

If the cause behind why the car will not start isn’t the battery, but instead, some other component in the starting system, then a mere jump start isn’t going to get the vehicle running. In those situations, your operator will winch the vehicle up and drive it to whatever garage or auto mechanic you like.

An Empty Gas Tank

It has happened to a number of us at least once in our life – We are driving around and we almost run out of gas.

Your tow operator normally carries extra fuel, so he will just give you enough so you can reach the local gas station and get filled up.

I Have a Flat Tire Near Lee Park

If your vehicle has a good spare tire, and it’s risk-free to operate in your location, a person may manage to take off your flat tire and replace it with your spare tire right on the spot.

In some situations, you won’t be able to put on your spare tire, so you will have to tow your vehicle to a repair shop or tire store of your choosing.

Unlocking My Locked Car

Since most cars have electronic door locks now, locking the keys inside your vehicle doesn’t happen as much as it used to. But it still does happen. Setting them down within the trunk is a very common offender.

A car lock-out service will usually get one of your doors open and allow you on your way again. Auto unlocking takes some skill and a specialized instrument or two, but it normally works.

Want to Schedule a Tow for Some Other Time?

Do you have a car or truck that is not running right? Want to have it hauled somewhere to get fixed? You can schedule a date to do that.

Are people parking a car on your property or obstructing access to your property? Want to know what you can do about it? Grab your phone when you have a couple of minutes.

Your Neighborhood Towing Company

If your driver can tackle your circumstance right at your location (such as changing a flat tire), he will do that. Otherwise, he will need to pick your vehicle up and bring it to your chosen auto repair shop.

If your vehicle can’t be driven, you can get it hauled to where you like. If you don’t have a preferred mechanic or repair garage, you can ask your driver for options.

When you get in an accident, and your car was damaged enough so you can’t drive it, the insurance company that will be covering the repairs will usually want you to take the car to one of just a few certain repair places.

But if you still don’t have a body repair shop in mind yet, your driver might have a suggestion or two. He has delivered a lot of cars in the past. He knows which ones are the most desired.

I Haven’t Got Enough Cash

Your tow truck operator will accept most credit cards. That is how most car owners pay.

You can find the specific rates right on the phone.

Smoothest Tow Service in the Twin Cities

After you call, your name and location is placed for the first available truck and driver to get dispatched to where you are.

Everyone recognizes being stopped at the side of a road, being locked out or not able to start your car is a pain, so your driver will get to you as quick as he can.

Drivers Working in Your Part of Hennepin County?

Trucks are dispatched to trouble spots throughout the central Twin Cities.

Visiting car owners in communities such as Near North Minneapolis, Jordan, Lee Park, Hawthorne and the 55411, 55405 and 55401 zip codes.


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