Summit and University Towing Company

Car trouble wrecking your day?

You probably need a tow truck. There may be one in your neighborhood already.

Do You Want One of these Services?

  • 24/7 towing west of downtown St Paul
  • Jump starting a dead battery
  • Car unlocking when you lock your keys in your car
  • Flat tire changing
  • Gasoline delivery when you run out

Locally Owned and Operated

You might have gone past one of these tow trucks on the highway.

The goal is to provide friendly service as quickly and as reasonably as possible.

If you can’t get your car running, just call someone to help. They do their utmost to get to your car fast.

Don’t Delay

Help from a local mechanic

If you’re stuck because you can’t get your car to move, we all know the way you’re feeling. Most of us have had the experience before.

Once you call a towing company, the next available driver in your area will be headed your way.

There is no assurance how fast he will get there, but he will do his best.

Your local operator has a modern, clean truck. They are equipped with the newest gear and tools.

Each operator sets the safety of you and the vehicle over everything else.

There are laws that Minnesota tow companies are required to operate by. Your driver will follow each of these safety and operating rules.

Once your tow driver comes to where your car is, he will do whatever you have to have done – jumpstart a weak battery, unlock a locked vehicle, bring you some fuel, fix your flat tire – his task is to get you back on your way.

Road Side Service Towing near St Paul

When your vehicle isn’t safe to drive on the road, someone will come get it and move it to wherever you want to have it fixed.

Nobody wants their car or truck to be mishandled. Your operator will be considerate of your vehicle during the full procedure.

Need a Battery Jump Start in Summit Avenue Area?

Car or truck will not start? Dim lights? Assuming your battery is dead?

As long as your tow operator can get to your battery, he can hook his fully charged battery up to it and jumpstart your car back to normal.

When that’s done, as you drive your car away, your drained battery will get charged up again.

If your operator can’t start your vehicle by jump starting the battery, maybe the battery is not the issue.

He probably can’t correct a mechanical issue out on the road, so he will need to transport you and your car somewhere where a good mechanic can find and fix your issue.

Gas Tank Empty?

A lot of us have ran out of gas at least once in the past. Things like that happen.

This is a straightforward situation to correct. Your tow operator will just pour in a gallon or two of gas from the supply he has on his truck.

And you then have plenty to make it to a service station.

Flat Tire Changes

Flat tires are a pain.

You may be able to take off your bad one and put on the spare tire. Or, in a few cases, somebody could pump up your low one just enough so you can make it to a tire retailer and have it repaired.

In some cases, however, such as when a bad tire occurs on a busy highway at rush hour, or the driver has no spare tire, a towing company will load the vehicle up and take it to a local tire retailer to be swapped or patched.

Vehicle Lock-Outs

Have you accidentally locked your keys inside your car? Don’t have access to a second set?

A professional tow operator can usually get into many models of cars or trucks. Drivers are educated how to do that with the special equipment they carry in their truck.

Schedule a Day to do Your Tow Later

Is there a car at your place that you can’t get started? Like to get it somewhere? Why not schedule a time to get that done.

Is there a car at your place that you wish was not there? If you don’t own it, do you know what to do? Call and discuss it.

Towing Services Near the Twin Cities

Your driver’s goal is to either put you in your vehicle and put your auto back on the road, or pick it up and take it someplace where you can see it be repaired.

When you’ve got an engine condition, but you don’t have a regular mechanic you have used before and have trust in, your operator could likely suggest one or two for you to consider.

The same thing applies to body damage. When your car is dented or damaged due to an accident, either your own insurance company or the other driver’s insurance company may tell you to take it to a specific bodyshop.

If you have not already been directed where you should bring your car or truck yet, your experienced driver has done this many times before, he could have a recommendation or two.

Not Enough Cash in Your Wallet?

Local tow trucks started accepting credit cards years ago. Today, most customers pay with a card.

You may find out the specific rates when you call.

Getting To Your Location Fast is a Priority

Most trucks are often out on the road helping out other St Paul or Minneapolis motorists. When the dispatcher gets your call, he or she places your name in line to be served.

If you are locked out of your auto, or you are stranded by the side of the road, everybody understands your situation. Your driver will attempt to be at your location as soon as he can.

Can a Service Vehicle Come To Your Location?

Drivers can go to most of the Twin Cities.

Trucks are often in the Summit Avenue and University District areas west of downtown St Paul.


Fast Service Area

You can generally get help fast – Summit Avenue, University, downtown St Paul.

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